A Lil About Me

067.jpgI can't swear this is exactly how it looked, but this is how it felt

I've loved photography since I was old enough to be given a Polaroid camera, and my love of travel gives me plenty of opportunities to put my skills to the test.  I love photographing nature and landscapes in particular, but really anything in the environment around me is a likely target.  I have sold images to international companies such as Expedia, and am honoured to see them in use, from a small website reporting on Battle Cats (featuring my spoilt ragdoll cat Elska) to a framed image on someone's wall.

Beyond photography and playing with photos, I adore cats, travel, wildlife, science (particularly astronomy), technology, a nice drop of red, and am addicted to Angry Birds.

If you're interested in following my latest uploads, all my galleries and my blog can be followed via RSS - add .rss to the gallery URL.

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